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Jan 16,2001

Hollywood Movies | Horror | TV Movie

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Attempting to do a favor, teenager Jeremy Campbell, (Jesse Spencer) is given a strange statue from his work and keeps it in his basement. Given a box of strange charms as well, he becomes fascinated with a strange talisman found inside. Using it as leverage to meet Fiona, (Sara Gleeson) and Miranda, (Tempany Deckert) from school and get invited to a Halloween Party, he becomes convinced that the statue has come alive and produced a hibernating bat. Tracking down the collection, priest Eccleston, (Rob Mullinar) arrives in town to see that the statues are safe, which really contain a race of gargoyles from the Middle Ages that were to destroy the world before being turned to stone. It manages to get loose from his basement, it launches a reign of terror through the community that doesn't seem to end. Realizing the true intentions of the gargoyles, they race to stop them before they complete their mission.
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