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Sep 08,1934

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Taken to a hospital, after suffering a dizzy spell, Charley is told by a 'nut', posing as a doctor, that he suffers from 'Tetra-Ethyl", and the only remedy is to sit down, relax, clear the mind and recite a nursery rhyme. The fake doctor gives Charley a package to deliver to Mr. Henderson, the "Supreme Crown of the Knights of the Brown Derby." At the hotel, hosting a convention of "Brown Derbies," Charley suffers a dizzy spell and the only place he can find to sit down is in Mr. Henderson's lap, where he recites "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Mr. Henderson, it is revealed, also suffers from "Tetra-Ethyl." Seized by an attack, Henderson sits down and tries to recite "Who Killed Cock Robin," but forgets the lines, which Charley and Henderson's daughter, Betty, sing in a song together. That, coming at the end of the second reel,is all it takes for Charley and Betty to decide to get married.
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