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A young boy whose parents have just divorced finds an unlikely friend and mentor in the misanthropic, bawdy, hedonistic war veteran who lives next door .

Oct 24,2014

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Vincent is an old Vietnam vet whose stubbornly hedonistic ways have left him without money or a future. Things change when his new next-door neighbor's son, Oliver, needs a babysitter and Vince is willing enough for a fee. From that self-serving act, an unexpected friendship forms as Vincent and Oliver find so much of each other's needs through each other. As Vincent mentors Oliver in street survival and other worldly ways, Oliver begins to see more in the old man than just his foibles. When life takes a turn for the worse for Vincent, both them find the best in each other than no one around them suspects .
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 5/10 The film opens with a man in a tank top laying with his head on a pillow in bed and the bed is rocking. The next camera shot a few seconds later pans towards the bottom of the bed & there is a pregnant prostitute on top of him. The camera shows from her waist up and she is wearing only a bra; it's clear they are having sex. No moaning, screaming, or other sex sounds. And then they lie together in the bed. This sequence lasts about a minute or two. A pregnant prostitute makes several demands of Vincent for money for services rendered. A reference is made to a woman being unable to have children. The woman jokes that her fallopian tubes were twisted and they were just reacting to her ex-husband's sperm (very brief). We see scantily-clad girls dancing in a sequence around the 25 minute mark. One of the women is pregnant and dressed in skimpy lingerie. She is seen grinding on a pole while a man watches. There is a revealing shot of her crotch in purple bikini bottoms that could be off putting to some viewers. Around the 42 minute mark, the boy knocks on Vincent's door and the prostitute answers with the top buttons of her shirt undone and her bra visible. The prostitute is seen hanging around in the background while the boy tells Vincent about the fight in school, and she is somewhat included in the conversation. When Vincent mentions the term "ladies of the night", the boy asks what that is and Vincent responds that it's "one of the most honest ways to make a living". Multiple references are made to a woman being a "lady of the night", though the pre-teen boy who says it claims to be unaware of what it means. A pregnant woman in a very short skirt bends over to grab something in the machine and a man looks at her underwear is which is shown briefly. (1 hr 14 min mark)
violence 4/10 At the beginning of the movie, a man takes a block of ice out of his fridge and breaks it up with a hammer. He accidentally hammers his hand and he screams in pain. Then he slips on ice and bangs his head on the floor. The next day he is lying there and his face is bloody and there is a small puddle of blood on the floor. Oliver is attacked by bullies; we see the bullies hold him down and punch him, followed by a brief shot of his bloody nose. Vincent steps in and breaks one of the bullies' skateboard in half and throws it at the boys, and one piece hits one of the boys as he runs away. After that incident, Vincent teaches Oliver how to break someone's nose. Short after, the bully throws a dodgeball at Oliver during gym class and hits him in the face. He falls and holds his nose and you can see blood on his hands and nose. Oliver gets up, charges and punches the bully in the nose; a cracking noise is heard and the boy falls to the ground with blood on his face. Oliver rushes home, happy about the incident and to tell Vincent what happened. A man slams an alcoholic beverage onto the table and the glass breaks; there is briefly blood on his hand. Two men break into Vincent's house demanding payment; Vincent threatens to fight them before he has a stroke.
profanity 6/10 One use of 'f**k', as well as about a dozen uses of 'sh*t' and 'a**hole', and a couple uses of 'damn', 'hell', 'bitch', 'retard', and 'whore'. The boy bullying Oliver calls him names (sh*thead? etc), and when Vincent witnesses a bullying incident, Vincent calls the boys names as well. There are also about eight or nine middle fingers, including a school bus full of kids passing by Vincent and many giving Vincent the middle finger.
alcohol 5/10 Vincent smokes and drinks throughout the film. We see Vincent multiple times drinking lots of liquor in a bar; he also takes a 12-year-old into the bar, however the boy only drinks Coke. Vincent steals prescription pills in order to get cash; however, he later finds out that the pills he stole aren't worth as much because they give no high.
frightening 4/10 Vincent hits his head on a cabinet door and falls to the floor and does not awaken till the next day. Children going through a situation with divorced parents may find the scene where his mom breaks down in the counselor's office about their current situation emotionally intense. Oliver punches a boy in the nose at school, blood splatters from the nose and the boy is knocked out. The scene where Vincent has a stroke can be upsetting; however, he recovers throughout the rest of the film, his speech being the slowest to return (somewhat slurred at times as a result). After Vincent has had a stroke, he gets a message from his wife's nursing home saying that she has passed away. This can be emotional. 24/50 MPAA/USA - Rated PG-13 for mature thematic material including sexual content, alcohol and tobacco use, and for language. BBFC/UK - Rated 12A (infrequent strong language, moderate sex, sex references).

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