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A behind-the-scenes look at the annual Penguin World Surfing Championship, and its newest participant, up-and-comer Cody Maverick.

Jun 08,2007

Animation | Comedy

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Length: 85 Minute(s)
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This story follows a teenage rock hopper penguin named Cody Maverick from his hometown of Shiverpool, Antarctica, where all of the other penguins think he's nothing but a surfing fool, to the "Big Z Memorial Surf Off" on Pen Gu Island. Young Cody is determined to win the most important competition in the world of penguin surfing in honor of "Big Z," a deceased surfing legend whom he has idolized since childhood. But the waves in Pen Gu are different than in Shiverpool, and the competition is steep. The current champ, egotistical Tank Evans, isn't just about to let this little penguin knock him from first place without a fight. When Cody wipes out and encounters Geek, a recluse aging former surfer, living in the jungle, he learns some important lessons about life and surfing, and even teaches Geek a thing or two.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Talking like a smooth player, Tank says he likes holding the ladies, adding, "You know what I'm talking about." We then see that he's talking about his surfing trophies and has given them women's names, including Teresa who he says is a "dirty girl." We then hear his mother ask (off-camera) if he's polishing his trophies again. Embarrassed, he yells out that he isn't, but then quietly says he'll polish them later. After "surfing" through underground tunnels and ending up in a pool of glowworm droppings, Cody and Lani wash off under a waterfall. She starts to ask if she can tell him something personal, but he quickly replies that they're already in the shower together. We see a closeup of two female penguins tails. When Reggie is being interviewed he is in a hot tub he then gets up and shouts angrily at the crew and his crotch area is pixeled out A man asks 3 young penguins what you do to cure a sea urchin sting two of them cover one of the penguin's ears and say " You pee on it". Cody starts to punch Tank, but he takes it as a massage, and asks him to "work on his gluts a little bit". He then points his butt at Cody and Cody starts punching. Tank seems to enjoy it.
violence Cody wipes out in a huge wave, and repeatedly is thrashed by more waves every time he comes up for air. He eventually hits his head underwater, knocking himself out, with Lani having to save him. She starts to perform CPR on him, but he's later okay after Big Z pulls a sea urchin spine from the bottom of his foot. To deal with the poison from the sea urchin spine in Cody's foot, Big Z drinks a lot of water, and then urinates on the wound (we hear, but don't see the urine contacting Cody's foot). Cody is grossed out by this and tries to get away, prompting Lani to knock him unconscious to keep him from struggling with them.
profanity At least 2 slang terms using what may be interpreted as male genitals, but could just be referring to a penguin's bill ("pecker-face","Nuggets"), 2 craps and 1 damn. one not fully used S- word. one use of sucks. Lot's of potty humor and references to poop.
alcohol A chicken tells the animal warriors who've captured him that they look hungry and tells them they must have "the munchies" (traditionally a drug-related comment, but that context is not present here, although the chicken acts and sounds like a stereotypical "stoner," but no drug use is noted).
frightening Cody and Tank end up surfing through the "bone yard" where they must maneuver through all sorts of sharp and craggy rocks that jump up out of the water. During that, Tank backhands Cody off his board, but then runs into some of those rocks. We don't see the impact, but he's knocked out, and Lani must save him. Cody's trying to hold onto some of those rocks, but is washed around by the huge waves. Big Z then tells him to let a wave push Cody to him, so he does, and Big Z rescues him as another huge wave hits.

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