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Another 26-chapter anthology that showcases death in all its vicious wonder and brutal beauty .

Oct 02,2014

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Another 26-chapter anthology that showcases death in all its vicious wonder and brutal beauty .
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Two women are shown topless in panties dancing with each other, breasts visible. A man and his grandfather are shown in just their boxers. The old man pulls complains about his grandson's masturbating. He pulls his underwear down to show his grandson that he has no penis. A woman videotapes herself for a man, her breasts visible. The man sends her a video of himself. He is naked and his body hair is visible. A woman seems to be trying out for a pornographic film. The director talks about her giving blow jobs and asks if she's a "whore". She takes off her dress, and is shown in a pastie-like bra. The director grabs and slaps her breasts a few times. A man pulls down a woman's top, revealing her breast. Another woman is shown on the bed face down, her butt visible. She gets up later, her entire body visible. The women are said to be prostitutes.
violence The film is about various crazy ways to kill people, one for each letter of the alphabet. There is a lot of violence, resulting in a lot of blood and gore in most of the scenes. A man crawling through an air vent pierces his hands and cheek on protruding nails. He becomes trapped in the vent and bleeds to death offscreen. His body is briefly shown with maggots all over his clothes. A man is shot through the neck with a silenced pistol. He gags and grasps at the bloody wound. A man is dragged off screen and his body is later shown torn in two. A man is sentenced to death by beheading, and it takes a few good strikes with an axe to chop his head off. In the end, the head is severed with a large knife. Two men get into a car accident and their heads crash through the windshield. Their bloody faces are shown. In an animated segment, three men insert a large hypodermic needle into another man's neck and pump poison into his body. The man's eyes pool with blood. An animated man swats a louse off of his face and crushes it underfoot. Blood is seen oozing from his face. An animated man's arm is replaced with an insect-like blade, which he uses to slice the heads off of three men. The third man screams in terror, his face peeling off before being decapitated. The headless bodies return to life later. An animated man's head quickly rots before being crushed underfoot. Two men fight, one is seen with a bloody nose. A man throws a coconut at a woman, hitting her in the head and killing her. A quick jet of blood is shown. A woman falls from a tree and breaks her femur, the bone is seen jutting out of her leg in a brief close up. A boy drops his rifle and it misfires, shooting him. He falls and blood is shown pooling around his head. An elderly man stabs a younger man in the neck with a ring-blade. Blood squirts from his neck and he falls to his knees. An animated segment shows a man and woman battling with parts of their faces. Not too graphic, but some may find it disturbing. A woman bound to a chair is stabbed with various sharp implements. She is then set on fire with a lighter and gasoline. She is shown alive with severe burns, before being decapitated. A decapitated body is shown, the bloody stump wrapped in a plastic bag. A man is strapped down to a chair and has jumper cables attached to his chest, shocking him violently. A man is shown with bloody wounds on his hands and feet, as well as a ring of blood dribbling from his forehead. A man is brutally beaten with the clubbed end of a scythe before his hands are partially sliced off and his throat is slit off screen. A man has a searing hot metal cross pressed into his face from off-screen. Many people are seen murdering others in the distance through apartment windows. A demon turns a woman's head to stone. He then proceeds to punch a large hole in a man's stomach and hurl a spear through another man's abdomen. Graphic, but special effects are unconvincing. A man graphically bites off another man's cheek in slow motion. He is then shot through the head with a pistol. A man's forehead is graphically sliced with a surgery knife, blood pours from the wound. The surgeon then proceeds to use a medical saw to saw the top of the man's head off, and later separates it from the rest of the head graphically. He then removes the man's brain, again graphically. While this might not seem that disturbing, the viewers need to know that all of these were done while the man is still alive. A woman's house is intruded by a stranger whose then pushes her from the ladder (which breaks her ankle in the process) and begins to hammer her head bluntly and graphically, all of these while her husband is listening through the phone in another country. The stranger hammers the couple's baby too, though only the bloody aftermath is shown. A woman is sexually harassed at an audition by a male director. He sticks his thumb into her mouth and slaps her when she gags, and roughly squeezes and slaps her breasts before shoving her backwards. A group of men are sexually assaulted by a demon woman's tentacles. One is seen with a tentacle thrusting into his anus and sticking out of his mouth, another is seen being force-fed a severed penis, others are bound and gagged with tentacles piercing their skin. This is all shown in bright red strobe lights, making it difficult to see, but is graphic nonetheless. An older woman is implied to have performed some sort of sexual act with a screwdriver. A man punches a young woman in the face, knocking her to the ground and making her cry. An older woman stabs a man in the neck with a screwdriver, leaving it in his neck for a moment before ripping it out, resulting in a huge gush of blood. He falls to the ground and is stabbed repeatedly, blood splattering the window and the woman. A man threatens to stab a woman in the vagina. A man is frightened over the edge of a hotel balcony. His impact is not shown, but a slap is heard on the pavement below. A man's head explodes from a laser. A monster is seen pulling the entrails out of man's severed upper body. Two witches are seen inserting a glowing gem into a man's chest cavity. He screams as his eyes and mouth light up. A man prepares to jab a skeleton with a hot poker, and the skeleton whimpers, revealing that it's somehow still alive. A girl is mutilated off screen by an elderly woman. Her body is absent, only severed limbs and ribs remain. Her killer is seen playing with her bones. Extremely graphic and disturbing. In probably the most disturbing segment, a woman's organs and bones are forced out of her mouth as her limbs are broken to make room for a 13 year old infant.
profanity Lots of swearing, mostly the "f" and "s" word. Some rude language like "tits", "twat", and "wanker".
alcohol Some drinking.
frightening Suggested MPAA: NC-17 for Strong graphic violence, language, some sexual content, including graphic nudity

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