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A dark secret locked away...will soon be discovered.

Jan 15,2016

Hollywood Movies | Thriller | Horror

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A young widow moves into an old house on Lake Erie to recover from the sudden loss of her husband; however, she soon discovers a dark secret and that she is not alone.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman lowers her pants in order to have a wound bandaged; her bare thigh as well as her underwear are in view though mostly hidden by her shirt. A husband expresses desire to watch his wife with another woman. Two women kiss and caress each other. Both are clothed. A woman emerges from the lake. She is nude and her buttocks are clearly visible for several seconds. A husband and wife embrace, talk sweetly to each other and kiss several times. As they exit a barn, a man and a woman behave as if they had been intimate in some way. A woman undresses for a shower. We see her bare back, but nothing explicit. Later she is cowering on the floor; we can tell she is nude, but nothing explicit is visible. From a distance, in a dark room, a woman is seen straddling a man and laughing while he screams though this is meant to be more frightening than sexual. A man and a woman kiss several times throughout the movie. A woman believes she is kissing her husband, but it turns out she is kissing another woman.
violence A woman injures her leg on an exposed screw. The screw is shown smeared with blood. A woman has her throat slit, and we see the wound as she gags. We also see the bloody knife. A woman wears a bandage on her face for much of the movie. Traces of blood can be seen leaking through it. All of the creatures are grotesquely disfigured in some way. One of the creatures removes the skin from a man's face and smears it about himself. A woman straddles a man and laughs while he screams. One of the creatures carves a chunk of flesh from a woman and devours it. One of the creatures scratches down a woman's face with bloody results. A female creature drives a knife deep into a woman's thigh and pulls it down her leg, leaving a long, bloody gash. A creature attempts to asphyxiate a man by forcing his head down into the sand.
profanity Very mild at best.
alcohol A woman offers another woman whiskey. A woman often takes a presumably prescribed medication. A woman drugs another's drink.
frightening The creatures appear at various intervals, often suddenly, or their presence is indicated in some way. One of the creatures brandishes a short sword, tapping the blade with its claws. An unseen presence lunges quickly at a woman and she gasps. A woman sobs and has to be restrained as her husband is taken away in an ambulance. A woman argues heatedly with her father. We see a creature's clawed hand wrap around a door. As a woman showers, the water becomes a thick mud that covers her. She screams and cowers. The alternate reality is very dark and ominous with several creatures running amok intent on violence.

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