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An outsider in the city makes inquiries nobody has asked some time recently. Known just by his initials, P.K#39;s. blameless inquiries and uncorrupt interest will go up against him an adventure of affection, chuckling and giving up.

Dec 19,2014

Bollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Romance

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P. K. is a satire of thoughts regarding an outsider in the city, who makes inquiries that nobody has asked some time recently. They are guiltless, tyke like inquiries, yet they realize disastrous answers. Individuals who are set in their courses for eras, are compelled to reappraise their reality when they see it from PK's guiltless eyes. In the process PK makes faithful companions and effective adversaries. Repairs broken lives and incenses the foundation. P. K's. virtuous interest changes into an otherworldly odyssey for him and a great many others. The film is a yearning and particularly unique investigation of complex theories. It is additionally a straightforward and accommodating story of adoration, chuckling and giving up. At long last, it is a moving adventure around a kinship between outsiders from completely different.

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