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Great trilogies come in threes.

Oct 24,2003

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

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Length: 84 Minute(s)
In the third installment of the Scary Movie franchise, news anchorwoman Cindy Campbell has to investigate mysterious crop circles and killing video tapes, and help the President stop an alien invasion in the process.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity - This movie basically just bases off of sexual jokes - No actual nudity, just cleavage
violence A decomposing girl and a woman fight with punches, kicks, and head-butts and we hear that the woman was killed. 2 women fight. One girl hits the other with a chair. The other hits her with a laptop. Lastly one of the women gives the other a wedgie. The clock rings and she lets go of her panties. We hear a snapping sound of her underpants and the woman grimaces. A dead woman sits in a chair after apparently having been scared to death; her face is frozen in a scream, her tongue is blackened, her skin is tinged grey, and when she is jostled her head rolls off and we see her bloody neck. Two men perform CPR on a dead woman in a coffin; they punch her chest, perform mouth-to-mouth, one climbs on top of her, picks her up to a sitting position, slaps her on the face repeatedly, another man climbs behind him and pulls on him (the motions are rhythmic and the woman's face ends up in the first man's crotch); eventually a man holds two electrical wires to her chest and she explodes sending her limbs around the room (people catch them). A dead woman in a coffin has a terror stricken look frozen on her face. A group of people shoot each other (we see people lying motionless on the ground). A car backs into a boy standing in the street and he is sent sailing through the air. A man is shot many times (we see holes blow open in his shirt and he falls to the floor). Two women fight: one spits on the other, one punches the other in the face, and one grabs a clump of hair out of the other's head. Two men fight: they punch and kick each other, they grab each other's crotches, one ends up dangling out of a window and falls to the ground below leaving the other man holding his severed nose. A man punches two men and a woman in the face, and a man head-butts a girl. A man hits a boy repeatedly with a baseball bat. Men are grabbed around the necks by aliens and kicked in the crotches repeatedly. A boy is hit in the face by a man's knee, the boy is lifted up and into a ceiling fan, he spins around with it and is shot out a window. A woman's nose bleeds and she gags and chokes, the same woman convulses and foams at the mouth and urinates on the floor (we see a puddle); the same woman's hand catches fire (they are all gags played on a friend). A boy draws pictures of dead bodies buried in the ground, one with blood spraying from its neck and a severed head on the ground at its feet. A man is hit in the crotch by a beam, and a beam falls on a girl's head. A man is hit in the face and crotch many times by cornstalks as he runs through a field. Several instances of people being hit on the head.
profanity 20 uses of 'shit', 11 of 'ass', 4 of 'bitch', 2 of 'ho', 2 of 'fuck', and 1 of "hitting". Also 14 of 'God', 6 of 'damn', 3 of 'hell', and 2 of 'Jesus'.
alcohol When George (Simon Rex) says "The dogs are acting strange" we see the dogs smoking marijauna from a hooka. When the "twins" office party starts everyone is drinking beer. Aunt Shaneequa smokes so many cigarettes her ashtray is completely filled, as is the top drawer of her side table. When describing Cody's birth to him Cindy admits his real mother was on crystal meth and drunk from St. Patrick's Day.
frightening Becca goes to look for Kate. Kate is turned away from Becca. Becca turns her around. Kate's face is contorted, grey, in a frozen scream. Her head then falls off at the neck, revealing a bloody stump. A young girls screams as the young girl's father and uncle try to find her in a field of corn. When Cindy picks up her nephew she finds all his crayon drawings are morbid and gruesome. On each sheet people are being slaughtered or buried alive. Brenda's corpse is laying in a casket, her face contorted in horror. In the cellar Cindy puts a knife out to see the aliens on the other side of the door. When they discover the well underneath the floorboards Cindy bends over, revealing that Tabitha is behind her. All scenes however are in a comedic fashion and you'd have to be a total wally to be actually frightened. Suggested MPAA Rating: PG-13 for strong crude sexual humor, language and comic violence.

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