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Four failures are pushed into the position of sparing the world when they unearth a UFO crash site and turn out to be hereditarily prepared to the fight suit on board.

Jan 27,2016

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Action

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After a large number of years of supposing we are separated from everyone else in the universe we interpret a message (in the 60s) letting us know we are not the only one, and that the universe is a hazardous spot and that we will be assaulted. Fortunately, the coded message originated from a well disposed outsider race that fathered and secured us throughout the years. Furthermore, now they are giving us the instruments to battle back (as force defensive layer). In any case, the conveyance administration takes quite a while, and amid those loooong decades sitting tight for that load boat to land with their one force suit, they pick a champion of earth to prepare to wear the suit and shield the earth! At that point the boat at long last arrives... Just to get shot around 4 blockheads who play with the suit and at last get one piece each adhered to them. Presently they have to work with the legislature to prepare these 4 dolts with individual pieces connected to them. Will they spare the day or will they remain around pondering life?

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Theatrical: 5/10 Extended: 7/10 Some of the actor's outfits are very tight and you can see outlines of their penis. A football player makes a masturbatory gesture as a celebration dance. He later thrusts in the air as another dance. In the extended cut, we see him make a sexual gesture that references penetration. While in a police car, a drunk teenager presses his bare buttocks against the glass. A teenager mentions posting a picture of his penis in a hotdog bun to facebook. A man uses X-Ray vision to see through a woman's clothes (we see above shoulders and nothing else, in the theatrical cut. We do see her boobs in the extended cut) but then he looks over at his friends who are also naked (we do not see anything.) A doctor walks over to him to turn off the XRay vision, and points the man's head towards his crotch (we see nothing). During a mental conversation, a teenager forces everyone to think about masturbation (we see the arms moving but we can only see chest up), it ends when one of them thinks of a girl (nothing happens). The extended cut version of this scene is longer and cruder; the camera is zoomed out more to make what's happening more obvious, terms like jerking off and wank are used, and when the girl appears, she's is now obviously giving one of them a handjob and is seen constantly doing it throughout the conversation. During a scan, we learn a man has erectile disfunction. About 3 sexually crude lines are added in the extended cut. No nudity or sex scenes in the theatrical cut, only references and gestures. Extended cut additions are R material, but it's not too graphic.
violence Theatrical: 6/10 Extended: 7/10 People get tackled during a football game and a bystander gets a ball thrown at his groin area. This is done for comedic effect. A teenager punches another in the face during a party. Someone else then punches him. We later see the boy with a bloody nose. Towards the end of the fight, he puches someone else in the groin. A cop shows up and tasers him. While the fist fights are realistic, the whole sequence is played for comedic effect. A soldier is killed by a laser shot in the head. In the theatrical cut, we cut away after the shot hits. The extended cut shows his burning neck stump. A bound character hits a doctor with his shield. In the theatrical cut, he knocks the doctor out immediately. The extended cut has the doctor accidentally stab his head with the shot he was holding after being hit, which causes blood to spray out of the wound, he then falls on the floor implied to be dead. A doctor is implied to be killed by a laser (nothing graphic). Possessed soldiers take out the security camera guard. Nothing graphic is shown the theatrical. We see them kill the guard by breaking his neck in the extended cut. Alien possessed marines are bloodied after a vehicle crash and later explode when they are killed. Lots of laser and sci-fi type battles throughout. Most of the violence is over the top and played for comedic effect.
profanity Theatrical: 7/10 Extended: 7.5/10 14 uses of "shit", 11 uses of "ass", 1 faint use of "faggot", 5 uses of "damn", 8 uses of "hell", 4 uses of "bitch", 3 uses of "dick", 1 cut off use of "fuck" Extended cut: 2 uses of the term "cock-knock", jerk off and wank used in describing masturbation. 2 uses of the middle finger in the theatrical cut. The extended cut uses the middle finger 4 times. Name calling (jerk-off, douche bag, whore, etc.)
alcohol 3.5/10 Teen drinking at a party. One character is an alcoholic. The same character also smokes a lot.
frightening 6/10 The film keeps a comedic tone throughout. The action scenes do get intense in places. A main character death maybe sad to people. The possessed soldiers and Worg maybe frightening to people. Suggested MPAA rating for extended cut: R for crude and sexual content, breif nudity, some language, and some violence

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